The Outcome Measurement Toolkit provides organizations with a simple, intuitive tool for tracking and reporting program outcomes. The Toolkit helps you set goals and measure participant progress using built-in logic models and customizable metrics for success.

  • Create and manage custom metrics for specific goals to help you determine a participant’s progress and where they need to improve.

  • Provide detailed, real-time outcome reports for organizations, programs, and individuals.

  • Easily see how a participant rates against their peers for a particular metric.

  • Attract additional funding by implementing a proven outcome tracking model.

  • Analyze changes in academic metrics, including school grades, standardized test scores, program attendance, and more.

TraxSolutions Outcome Measurement toolkit iPad

Outcome Measurement Toolkit Participant Metrics Gains Report

Leverage robust outcomes reporting including the participant metrics gains report, which provids a roster that shows quintile and linear gain scores for a specified metric.