Participant tracking software

Better Outcomes Included

TraxSolutions® is a fully integrated SaaS solution with more than 100,000 users in over 20 countries tracking upwards of 20 million participants. The end-to-end participant tracking software solution helps organizations like yours keep accurate participant records, evaluate program effectiveness, measure outcomes, manage cases, and make evidence-based decisions.

Manage It All From End to End

Participant tracking software

TraxSolutions Features

Online Registration

Create and manage programs and waitlists, collect fees, and register online.

Track Time and Attendance

Easily track time and attendance on the go using a smartphone, tablet, and mobile applications.

Surveys and Assessments

Create, distribute, and analyze customized surveys to measure your impact.

Measure Outcomes

Measure progress with built-in logic models and customizable metrics.

ID Cards

Customizable ID cards, include your logo, pictures, and personalized information.

Robust Reporting Capabilities

Generate ad hoc reports with advanced filters and multi-site analysis that can be displayed on-screen or exported to Microsoft Excel.

Advanced Case Management

Instantly access an overview of case data, status, and actions supported by goals and success metrics to measure progress.