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Track attendance anytime and anywhere using your smartphone or tablet, either with or without ID badges. Trax Attendance Manager, unique to TraxSolutions,® gives you the freedom to track activity wherever you offer your programs and services.

  • Accurately record time & attendance, whether you’re connected or not.
  • Easily access participant data on-the-fly, including member identification info, emergency contact data, medical information, and authorized pick-up information.
  • View current check-ins and basic attendance reports in real-time.
  • Use a TraxSolutions® scanner with a PC that has Trax Attendance Manager installed, or use our app on an iOS or Android device to easily track time and attendance.
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Trax Attendance Manager Fire Drill Report

With Trax Attendance Manager(TAM), you can easily view lists of participants currently in activity, as well as many other custom reports.